Choose 1 meat and 3 side items.  Plates come with cornbread, roll or biscuit and a dessert.  Add Tea or Lemonade for $1.75.

Sunday Specials
Fried Chicken, White $12
Fried Chicken, Dark $11.50
Beef Pot Roast $12
Roast Turkey $11.50
Ham $11.50
Vegetable Plate (4 sides)  $10


           Rice and Gravy         Potato Salad
           Green Beans         Slaw
           Macaroni & Cheese         Beets
           Creamed Potatoes         Apple Sauce
           Speckled Butter Beans         Collard Greens
           Squash Casserole         Sweet Potato Casserole
           Dressing & Gravy         Deviled Eggs
          Peach Cobbler  Banana Pudding
   Strawberry Shortcake