Friday January 12 2018

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For our daily lunch specials

Choose 1 Meat and 3 vegetables, Includes Tea or Lemonade

(Dessert not included) $7.00

3 Vegetable Plate $4.55

4 Vegetable Plate $5.20

Add .25 on all TO-GO Plates Additional .35 charge on all white meat chicken

Friday’s Menu
Fried Chicken Fried Flounder
Meat Loaf  
Rice and Gravy Potato Salad
Green Beans Slaw
Macaroni & Cheese Beets
Creamed Potatoes Apple Sauce
Black-eye Peas  
Collard Greens  
Fried Squash  
Peach Cobbler Chocolate .Cake .99
Coconut Pie Pecan Pie

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