Leigh-Anne’s Restaurant



    Choose 1 meat and either 2 or 3 side items.  Plates come with bread and tea or lemonade.



Meat 2 sides 3 sides
Beef $9.09 $10.23
White Chicken $9.09 $10.23
Dark Chicken or Poultry $8.64 $9.55
Fish $8.64 $9.55
Pork $8.86 $10.00
Thursday’s Menu
Fried Chicken Roast Pork
Stew Beef Chicken Livers
Rice and Gravy Potato Salad
Green Beans Slaw
Macaroni & Cheese Beets
Creamed Potatoes Apple Sauce
Large Lima Beans Stewed Cabbage
Stewed Okra & Tomatoes Fried Squash


        Peach Cobbler Lemon Pie
        Pecan Pie Chocolate Pie