Leigh-Anne’s Restaurant

 (803) 285-6606


   Choose 1 meat and 3 side items.  Plates come with bread, and tea or lemonade and a dessert.



Beef $12.73
White Chicken $12.73
Dark Chicken or Poultry $10.91
Fish $10.91
Pork $11.82
  Sunday’s Menu


          Fried Chicken Roast Turkey
         Beef Pot Roast Honey Maple Ham


         Rice and Gravy Potato Salad
         Green Beans Slaw
         Macaroni & Cheese Beets
         Green Baby Limas Apple Sauce
         Corn Deviled Eggs
         Dressing & Gravy Yams
         Creamed Potatoes Squash Casserole
         Collard Greens  


         Peach Cobbler Chocolate Frosted Cake
         Banana Pudding